Course Description

The “Macroeconomy, Policy Transmission and Macroeconomic Risk” course is designed to rapidly equip participants with robust and practical understanding of macroeconomic policy issues, policy transmission route as well as policy evaluation.  At the end of the training sessions, participants will be equipped with the capacity to carry out in-depth analysis and evaluation of macroeconomic events, policy issues as well as be able to produce very meaningful policy reports on same themes as may be required. The course is designed to be very interactive with lots of cases drawn from Nigeria and countries that share some of its characteristics.

Expected Learning Outcomes/Benefits

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the Nigerian macroeconomic structure and policy inclinations since independence;
  2. Describe how fiscal and monetary policies do impact / have impacted the growth and development of Nigeria since independence;
  3. Explain associated economic risks in aggregate demand, interest rate management, monetary and fiscal policies, inflation/changes in composite prices indices, exchange rate management etc.
  4. Suggest better courses of policy action for policy designers and implementation.