Course Description

All projects involve risk, as zero-risk projects are usually abandoned. The acceptance of some risk is likely to yield a more desirable and appropriate level of benefit in return for resources committed to the development projects. Risks involve both threat and threat and opportunity. Ministries, Departments, and Government Agencies (MDAs) that best understand the nature of project risks and can manage them more effectively cannot only avoid unforeseen disasters but can work with tighter margins and less contingency, free resources for other endeavours, and seizing opportunities for advantageous investment that might otherwise be rejected as ‘too risky’.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Anticipate risk sources and manage these risks effectively using project risk’s tools and techniques;
  2. Identify opportunities to consolidate on the weakness of MDAs and project organizations;
  3. Use quantitative and qualitative techniques to capture data on project risks;
  4. Appraise projects objectively;
  5. Comprehend the criticality and cruciality of time management.