Course Description

There are dramatic differences in the effectiveness of various forms of advertising. If you pay for advertising, then it is probably important for you see some results. But if you waste money on inefficient advertising, you are missing better opportunities and the results may not come at all. The main objective of measuring advertising effectiveness is to determine the effect of each advertising campaign which is important in deciding which campaigns bring the best value for the money spent.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the following course, the participant will acquire the listed skills.

  1. Describe and discuss methods for measuring advertising reach and effectiveness – including the Neilsen and Arbitron Rating Systems
  2. Understand and be able to apply the ingredients necessary to achieve effective advertising;
  3. Participants will learn the different techniques for measuring the results and effectiveness or otherwise of different types of advertisements;
  4. Participants will also learn how to apply such techniques as recognition tests, recall and association tests, opinion and attitude ratings, projective methods, laboratory testing and analysis of content, and inquiries and sales measure
  5. Optimization of the various types  of effectiveness measurement
  6. Collect and analyze information by using technological resources – including online databases