Innovation Consulting 

Product Insights and Improvement

We support clients with the regular evaluation of their product and services performance along three key dimensions, namely: customer product or service experience, product-market competitiveness and product profitability. Our product insights and improvement assessment model generate performance scores on each investigated product line and service. The data gleaned on these three broad areas provide the insights required for continuous product and service improvements.

Sales and Marketing Innovation

There is always room for improvement and growth in the approaches adopted by organizations for effectively selling their products and services. Accordingly, we support our clients in regularly reviewing the strategies they have utilized in getting their products and services to succeed maximally in the marketplace. By bench-marking the performance of their current sales and marketing models against internally set performance thresholds and the returns from competing products and services, we can determine the areas requiring urgent improvements in their go-to-market model.

Process Optimization

Innovation creates efficiency. In working with clients, our primary goal is to facilitate the simultaneous optimization of costs, wastages, bottlenecks, revenue, and through puts. To achieve that we regularly review the business process for areas of improvement.

Business Transformation and Performance Drive

The goal of every good business is to record excellent performances along their dimensions of interest. ValueFronteira supports firms in designing the right set of strategies and in managing all critical actions and activities that lead to the actualization of such goals. Accordingly, we do not only help with strategy design but also guide the client through the process of strategy accreditation as well as the performance drive.

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