Course Description

Human Resource Measurements and Workforce Analytics is designed to improve human resource decision-making skills by helping human resource professionals’ become adept at planning and interpreting their organization’s “people metrics.” Without measurement, it will be difficult to identify performance or the lack of it. If you are measuring the right things, in the right way, HR analytics can have a significant positive effect on the organization’s bottom line. This therefore requires sound training on workforce analytics. This course therefore focuses on helping participants build the needed skills required for the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data designed to improve decisions about talent and the organization as a whole. HR professionals will learn to link HR initiatives and results to firm performance by applying HR analytics to a broad spectrum of human capital activities. This hands-on training course is designed for HR executives and professionals wishing to improve their understanding of data analytics and how it can be used to overcome common challenges in HR management. Participants will learn analytics tools and techniques for utilizing available data in building compelling human resource strategies.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain the skills needed to

  1. Identify best practices in HR metrics and analytics to maximize organization’s ROI;
  2. Utilize HR analytics skill to better link Human Capital results and activities to business performance.
  3. Use workforce data to develop a results-oriented performance culture;
  4. Identify specific measurement improvement opportunities;
  5. Diagnose financial and operational measures to discover where human capital can have the greatest effect;
  6. Integrate measures within a process that uses HR analytics to create action