Growth Strategies


Digital platforms and their attendant culture have further expanded the markets that are available for many brands. But even with the breaking down of geographical boundaries, product and service internationalization goes beyond merely humping on the back of digital technologies. For some products and services, it requires an in-depth understanding of various local markets, the laws and regulations governing the import and export of such products as well as managing the associated payments challenges. Our team has well-developed and tested programs for supporting brands that are interested in going global.

Sales and Marketing Innovation

There is always room for improvement and growth in the approaches adopted by organizations for effectively selling their products and services. Accordingly, we support our clients in regularly reviewing the strategies they have utilized in getting their products and services to succeed maximally in the marketplace. By bench-marking the performance of their current sales and marketing models against internally set performance thresholds and the returns from competing products and services, we can determine the areas requiring urgent improvements in their go-to-market model.

Business Oxygenation and Fundraising

Oxygen is life. Appropriate entrepreneurial strategies also constitute life for businesses. Combined with requisite financing, robust business initiatives result in sustained elevated levels of profitable performance. Our business oxygenation and funding scheme primarily focuses on supporting businesses with the development of the right entrepreneurial strategies and in accessing the best funds/capital available to ensure that they deliver the envisaged goals. The process takes businesses through their health diagnosis, development of appropriate strategies for performance maximization, the accreditation of those strategies, its financing, as well as the management of the resulting performance.

Reputation Management

Strong corporate reputation almost always results in excellent financial performance. Unfortunately, many businesses do not pay as much attention to their reputational performance as they should. We assist forward-looking businesses in effectively tracking the performance of their reputation in the business environment.

Learning and Capacity Development

Our learning and capacity development programs are in the areas of entrepreneurial innovation and firm growth strategies. We also have programs on the environment of business and business intelligence. Our programs are deliverable as implants in client’s locations as well as through digital channels. For the latter, we deploy through both active and passive learning channels.