Course Description

The sales industry is one that is largely built on relationships. The prospecting activity initiates the sales relationship building process with clients. This relationship must in turn be maintained and improved upon for sustained performance. However, most of the time, sales persons are blind to the several opportunities for this relationship building which lurk around them. And when sometimes they do recognize them, taking optimal advantage of those opportunities – in the absence of the right skills – may be a challenge. This course has been designed with the aim of equipping salesmen/women with the capacity needed to discover lurking sales opportunities as well as in effectively optimizing those discoveries. It will also equip participants with advanced relationship and sales team management skills that ensures that sales successes are sustained.

Expected Learning Outcomes

In this course, participants will learn how to (a) generate selling opportunities, (b) effectively optimise the generated opportunities (c) sustain the selling relationship as well as (d) effectively deploy and manage a winning sales team. Since the FMCGs marketing require doggedness and tact, participants will be able to identify the underlying sales problems when facing challenges and come up with potential innovative actions to make the right decision and obtain the best results. In addition, participants will learn how to build strong professional relationships and in using proper sales dialogue to swiftly reach advanced stages in the adoption process when communicating with buyers. The course also enables participants to have a systematic approach to manage and grow the organization’s key accounts to maximize value and achieve goals.

In addition to the above, participants will learn how to:

  • Establish new ways to motivate the sales team.
  • Understand the interplay between corporate strategy and sales strategy.
  • Participate in a simulation that tests the long-term effectiveness of the strategy for major sales.