Course Description

The Effective Sales Force (Sales Excellence) course is designed to guide participants in balancing the science of selling with the art of building long-term relationships that impact result expectations of the organization. Accordingly, the course presents the fundamentals of selling skills and provides a common language and powerful set of tools that sales teams should deploy in order to dramatically increase their productivity and overall results. In this four-day course, participants will be learning much of what is required to achieve maximum sales success. This course is taught essentially through relevant case studies that are predicated on our accompaniment of the sales teams in the field.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of this 4-day course, participants will be able to:

  • Deploy key strategies for winning new businesses and gaining customer commitments;
  • Apply the concepts that ensure that the customer is the focus throughout the sales process;
  • Acquire substantial knowledge of the organization’s products which is necessary for success in sales and marketing;
  • Deal successfully with difficult customers as well as successfully close deals;
  • Thoroughly evaluate  the organization’s products in order to understand their strengths,  weaknesses and potential benefits to customers;
  • Identify their customers’ true needs and priorities through consultative selling;
  • Successfully manage relationships with different personality types;
  • Create and communicate powerful differentiated value proposition;
  • Evaluate competitors’ products against organisation’s products;
  • Understand how customers buy and how that translates into effective selling;
  • Lead comfortable sales conversations from start to close.