Course Description

Data Analysis Using SPSS is designed as a two day instructor-led course that guides participants through the fundamentals of using SPSS for data analysis. SPSS provides a powerful statistical analysis and data management system in a graphical environment. It makes statistical analysis more accessible for the beginner and more convenient for the experienced user. The Data Editor offers a simple and efficient spreadsheet-like facility for entering data and browsing the working data file. Most tasks can be accomplished simply by pointing and clicking the mouse!

No previous SPSS experience is required in order to participate in this course. It is however expected that participants have good PC skills, a basic knowledge of Excel and a working knowledge of statistical concepts. 

Expected Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  1. Effectively use the SPSS software for data analysis;
  2. Understand basic statistical concepts relating to data analysis as well as to effectively interpret statistical results. In particular, participants will have an understanding of the following:
  3. Using data to support decision making;
  4. Graphical presentation of data – Constructing and interpreting data-based graphs and charts;
  5. Modeling Relationships Between and among Variables;
  6. Read data, define data, modify data, analyse data and present results of analysis done;
  7. Build business models from scratch, or modify and improve an inherited model