Course Descriptions

The “Customer Service Excellence” training program is strategically designed to build the proficiency of customer service officials for consistent service excellence delivery at every customer ‘touch point’. This course will inculcate the core skills that will enable customer service officials efficiently handle difficult situations, offer dependable customer-friendly services with the potentials to upscale corporate image and gain distinct competitive advantage. Customers and client service officials are the lifeblood of any organization; hence proactive and successful businesses diligently invest in human capital development with key attention to nurturing business and client relationships.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training workshop, participants will:

  1. Be more proficient in applying the skills and techniques that routinely deliver positive customer experiences;
  2. Learn excellent and contemporary practical ways of effectively handling difficult customers and turning complaints into opportunities;
  3. Be equipped with best strategies for fostering professional relationship with customers regardless of their temperament as well as enhance the understanding of the importance of customer service to organizational success;
  4. Be exposed to techniques of building rapport easily and creating effective long-term business relationships;
  5. Understand the benefits and opportunities derived from exceeding customer expectations and the dangers of poor service;
  6. Understand customers, be more systematic in dealing with customers, identify their needs and create positive first impressions;
  7. Be equipped with contemporary skills for excellent customer service on the telephone so that customers have a positive perception about your organization;
  8. Be equipped with skills for coping with stress and how to maintain a healthy level of work-related stress             
  9. Be able to identify the relationship between effective communication and customer loyalty.
  10. Learn skills and techniques to deal positively with misunderstandings, complaints, miscommunication, understand different customer behaviors and match organizational service delivery with their expectations