Course Description

How do you create a data-driven organization? What does it take to create a company that makes evidence-based decisions and involves a broad swathe of employees vested in data capture, metric design and analysis? Becom­ing data-driven requires more than just tools or tech­nol­ogy — it requires sup­port­ing processes and peo­ple. Too often com­pa­nies obtain the nec­es­sary tech­nol­ogy, but don’t add suf­fi­cient resources or make changes to their exist­ing inter­nal processes.

Even if an organization has supportive leadership; accurate, credible, and timely data; a data system that generates actionable reports based on this data for all who need it; and staff who have been trained to access and use these reports, the organization will need to examine how it can use time and space to be sure the opportunities to engage in dialogue exist. Organizations who expect staff to be data-driven must create frequent time and space in the workday for this to occur. This 3-day workshop therefore presents the challenges and framework necessary for building a data-driven organization.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand what they need to do in order to create a data-driven organization;
  • Enhance their skills on integrating analytics tools into their normal way of working so as to uncover strategic insights;
  • Be able to balance data with instincts. They will learn how to strike precise balance between using analytics and their managerial instincts as well as how to manage business rules in tandem with analytics;
  • Learn how to use of analytics for decision making and forging new—and deeper—relationships with analytics professionals
  • Learn how to discover and embrace a host of strategies, which evolve into best practices to create an “analytics ecosystem” in their department or organization over time.