Training Services

DecisionFronteira-Training is the vehicle for sharing some of our consulting experiences as well as in sharpening the capacity of our consultants who most times double as our faculty. In order to ensure that we remain focused, our training services are therefore in the narrow areas of business research, business (function-specific) analytics and executive economics. Our dependence on the combination of Logic, Analytics, Measurement and Process to the provision of strategic solutions strengthens our commitment to knowledge enhancement in those narrow areas.

Our training strategically targets middle-level manpower in corporate organizations and as a result, we place minimal emphasis on the capacity needs of the members of staff at the executive top echelon of organizations. Our focus on intermediate level manpower compels us also to deliver courses that are largely hands-on and function specific. In general, our training services are designed to meet the capacity needs of business and financial analysts, researchers, business, and corporate strategists, analysts/strategists in human resources and marketing departments, academics, management consultants as well as persons working within policy environments.

The open courses that we are offering this year are:

  1. Geo-marketing analytics and reporting with dashboards
  2. Human resource analytics and reporting with dashboards
  3. Retail banking analytics
  4. CRM data mining and reporting with dashboards
  5. Fraud analytics
  6. Business modeling and reporting with dashboards
  7. Impact evaluation plus monitoring and evaluation
  8. Project analytics and reporting with dashboards
  9. Supply chain analytics and reporting with dashboards
  10. Customer satisfaction and loyalty analytics with dashboard reporting