Martin Oluba is a seasoned decision optimization expert and economic policy analyst. These define his primary forte and areas of interest. Martin’s secondary interest is in the academia and is explained by his involvement as student mentor in The Wharton’s School (University of Pennsylvania) Customer Analytics Initiative, professor of economics and finance at SMC University, Switzerland; formerly a faculty (mentor) at Northcentral University, Arizona, USA; professor of international administration and global economics at EUCLID (Euclid Intergovernmental University Framework) as well as professor of economics at UGSM-Monarch Business School, Switzerland. Aside from the University of Pennsylvania, all the other institutions are virtual.

He is also a Fellow of the African Analytics and Econometrics Initiatives, a Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Economic Policy Performance, a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Public Policy Analysis and a member of the governing council of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI).

Dr. Oluba has over 20 years experience in leading economic and financial research activities. He has been responsible for setting up and managing processes and structures for the delivery of high-quality strategic advice in several research-driven corporate environments and institutions. Dr. Oluba’s areas of teaching and research interest include applications of data mining techniques to fraud detection, human resource management and marketing, policy impact assessment, fine-tuning of performance metrics and accountability structure for government institutions, and in broad areas of business economics.

Martin’s consulting experience cuts across several sectors of the Nigerian economy and comprises many engagements with leading international development agencies namely UNDP, DFID, UNIFEM, SMSE, CIDA, SLGP, ECOWAS, European Commission; the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, several ministries, departments and agencies; several state governments (Lagos State, Yobe State, Enugu State and Kwara State); the National Planning Commission, the National Assembly and many other corporate organizations.

At various times, Martin was Executive Director at Forte Asset Management Limited, the founding chief executive officer of Platinum Capital Limited – the first subsidiary of Platinum Bank (now Bank PHB), Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Lombard Assets Management Limited and Strategic Capital Alliance Limited – a research-based consulting outfit. As the head of Platinum Capital Limited, Martin doubled as the head of economics, research and strategy for the bank (Bank PHB). Prior to these positions, Martin was a senior investment analyst (with Hamilton Hammer & Co.) with responsibility for securities forecasting; associate consultant/team leader, research, and strategy (ReStraL Consulting); as well as group head research and strategy (BGL Limited). He was equally a research fellow at the Lagos Business School between 1996-7.

Martin is a prolific writer and a member of the editorial board of the following: Businessday newspapers (where he is equally a columnist), and The Nigerian Stock Market Annual.

He is also on the board of the following companies: ValueFronteira Limited; Strategic Capital Alliance Limited; Advisory Board, Multimix Academy; Remark Consulting Limited; Centre for Financial Product Evaluation and Research CEFPER; He was formerly on the board of the following companies: Forte Asset Management Limited (2008 – 2009); Lombard Asset Management Limited (2002 – 2003); Lombard Finance Institute (2002 – 2003).

Martin is an honorary member of the Enugu State Government and serves as a member of the advisory committee to State government on private sector development. He has also played an active role in shaping the overall strategic direction of the State as well as in the introduction of workable performance management framework to the State EXCO.

Martin obtained a bachelor’s degree (cum laude) and a master’s degree (with a distinction) in economics from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He equally obtained Ph.D. from ESEADE University Institute Argentina as well as a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) from the SMC University, Switzerland.