The DecisionFronteira Africa Analytics Roundtable

Periodically, we organize roundtables and conferences on Business Analytics. The roundtables were initiated in order to join other stakeholders in promoting the use of data for decision making in both private and public sector institutions. Successful government institutions and private companies of the future are those that treat data as corporate asset and leverage that for competitive advantage. However, it is a well-established truth that this end-in-mind of strategic analytics is not realizable in the absence of the culture of data usage for driving strategic performance, the availability of the data itself in good time and in the right quality, a reasonable number of well-trained data miners and analytics experts. As a country, our performance in these regards is poor but can be improved with regular discussions. That is the philosophy underlying the DecisionFronteira Quarterly Analytics Roundtable.


So far we have had two very successful roundtables with event themes and other details (including the proposed AAR-3) in the schedule below:


Roundtable Count Themes (and Subthemes)
Roundtable 1 (January 27, 2014): Theme: Nigeria in the Age of Business Analytics



Session 1: Function-specific applications of business analytics

Session 2: Strategic analytics deployment in policy environments

Session 3: Business analytics skills development

Session 4: Business analytics technology infrastructure


Roundtable 2

(May 28, 2014):

Theme: The Role of Strategic Analytics in Shaping the Future of the Nigerian Media Industry



a.     Print Media: The Challenge of Analytics Deployment in Print Media industry Sub-segment

b.     Electronic / Online Media: Competing on Strategic Analytics: The Nigerian Electronic/Online Media of the Future

c.      Marketing Communications and Advertising: Does Analytics Matter to Nigerian Advertisers and Corporate Communicators?


Roundtable 3 (August 20, 2014): Theme: Leveraging supply-chain and geo-marketing analytics for competing in Nigeria’s manufacturing/conglomerates sector



Session 1:    Where is business analytics in the configuration of Africa’s next generation supply chains?

Session 2:    [Technical Simulation/Presentation] Simulated impacts of Supply Chain and Geo-marketing Analytics for the future of Manufacturing and Conglomerates Business in Nigeria

Session 3:    Geo-marketing: To what extent are major brands in Africa effectively leveraging location intelligence in strategic planning and competition?