About ValueFronteira

ValueFronteira is a performance improvement firm that leverages the techniques of decision optimization, business research/analytics, economic science, process focus and capacity building to provide robust insights that enable decision makers to achieve accelerated and optimized innovation and sustained competitive differentiation.

Our business philosophy is anchored on the understanding that decision makers pursue the goal of competitiveness: maximum stakeholder benefit at least cost without sacrificing quality and output size.
buy vigrx plus cheapThe VF-ECOFIN dashboard is a suite of graphical presentation of key macroeconomic and financial indicators that are very useful for decision making. The intelligence suite also offers visitors the opportunity to download the underlying data where they need such. In addition to the data download advantage... hydrocortisone cream to buyView Chart
buy zovirax genital herpesThe Fronteira Post is designed as a monthly quasi-academic and professional paper that focuses on the economy and business. Each month, or as may be required, the paper publishes an article. In terms of its editorial outlook, the feature article must have the rigour of good academic research but must be written in an easy to read business style. Strong academic presentations are discouraged.

The idea is to make the paper easily readable by business people. Click the link below to read some of the previous editions.. buy 100 mg clomid onlineDownload Now
cheap actos genericOur pulse-on-policy reports are brief publications on periodic sampling of opinions on the nature and degrees of impact of various economic policies and programs of the government on (various categories of) the citizens. 

What we offer

Training Services

ValueFronteira-Training is the vehicle for sharing some of our consulting experiences as well as in sharpening the capacity of our consultants who most times double as our faculty. In order to ensure that we remain focused, our training services is therefore in the narrow areas of business research, business (function-specific) analytics and executive economics.
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Consulting Activities

Our consulting activities are designed to ensure that solutions that ensue deliver genuine positive performance impacts. Accordingly, we combine sound functional expertise, deep theoretical and methodological knowledge, robust analytical and measurement expertise, strong information technology capabilities and process-improvement thinking to deliver unmatched and truly impactful results.
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Analytics Roundtable

Periodically, we organize roundtables and conferences on Business Analytics. The roundtables were initiated in order to join other stakeholders in promoting the use of data for decision making in both private and public sector institutions. Successful government institutions and private companies of the future are those that treat data as corporate asset and leverage that for competitive advantage. However, it is a well-established truth that these end-in-mind of strategic analytics is not realizable in the absence of the culture of data usage for driving strategic performance, the availability of the data itself in good time and in the right quality, reasonable number of well-trained data miners and analytics experts. As a country our performance in these regards is poor but can be improved with regular discussions.

That is the philosophy underlying the ValueFronteira Quarterly Analytics Roundtable.
So far we have had two very successful roundtables with event themes and other details.

Weekly Reports and Publications

Each week, at least a ValueFronteira staff writes a well-researched and/or data-garnished article that aids decision-making in the area in which the article has been put together. All articles are within a maximum word limit of 1200 but must be in easy to read formats. Areas of focus in the weekly reports are: market products, the economy, infrastructure and any other subject that demand well-informed opinion and reporting. Click on any of the links below to read the article of your interestwhat do elavil pills look like.

Data Speak/Data Visualization and Reporting

wholesale baby powder candlesValueFronteira daily nuggets or information graphics (infographics) are well packaged graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex but critical information quickly and clearly to our audience. This project started initially as a visual reflections of the economy and was consequently referred to as ValueFronteira Reflections. experience research cheap viagraRead More

Corporate Memberships