Economic Research and Data Mining

Investment Research, Business Analytics and Decision Optimization Read more

Competitiveness Optimization Strategy

Analysis of industry value-chains to support competitiveness strategy Read more


Leveraging ValueFronteira economic research and business analytics as its support bases, MediaFronteira will communicate the following to the public: Economic policy impacts (Pulse-on-policy) Firm and industry competitiveness Product and service competitiveness The Read more

Fronteira Gallery

The primary route to unearthing theses hitherto unknown insights is through business analytics / data mining and research which is supported by sound economic theory. Read more
A competitiveness optimization firm that leverages the techniques of data mining, business research and economic science to provide robust insights that enable decision makers to achieve accelerated innovation and sustained competitive differentiation. Read More

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The Fronteira Report

Fronteira Post

A professional journal that reviews key macroeconomic issues / developments and events within the economy